Charlie Palmer Steak

Voted the best steak house in Las Vegas, Charlie Palmer steak is famous for its juicy cuts of steak perfectly cooked by master chef Steve Blandino. In true Las Vegas style, Charlie Palmer Steak adopts the slogan “when big just isn’t big enough” with all their food. Highly reviewed and recommended by all who dine here, you will not be disappointed with the large range of meats, excellent service, prime location and stunning surroundings.

Charlie Palmer Steak Restaurant offers some of the finest foods you will find in Las Vegas. If big, juicy steaks are your cup of tea then Charlie Palmer Steak Restaurant is certainly for you. The Colorado Rack of Lamb comes highly recommended, expertly prepared, mouth watering and delicious. The range of cuts and meats available at Charlie Palmer Steakhouse is truly staggering. The Certified Black Angus steaks, which are dry-aged for 28 days, are some of the finest cuts you will find, fresh, juicy and delicious.

The atmosphere inside Charlie Palmer Steak Restaurant is social and inviting. Intended to provide a clubhouse atmosphere, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable, with a great knowledge of their foods and drinks. Ask the staff as they seat you what dishes they would recommend and you are almost always going to come out with a winner. Some suggestions might include the Charcoal Grilled Fillet Mignon with Roasted Shallot Jus, another signature dish at Charlie Palmer Steak Restaurant that is as close to perfect as you can get. Juicy meats grilled to perfect accompanied by a Jus that combines to provide a melt in the mouth dish.

The staff are polite, helpful and friendly at Charlie Palmer. Once you have made your way through the large, diverse menu and found a dish that makes your mouth water at the thought, you will need a delicious wine to wash it down with. Charlie Palmer Steak does not fail to deliver, specializing in a range of Pinot Noir wines from along the West Coast and Europe. A selection of Cabernet wines is also available. But above all, the “Wines for the adventurous” gives a little spice to the meal.

With amazing food and drink, you would think there might be a slip with the decor or location, but you would be wrong. The atmosphere inside Charlie Palmer is brilliant, sociable, warm and inviting, as is the decor. The room is large, open and inviting, using a mix of warm tones and materials to welcome guests to this famous restaurant in Las Vegas. Mahogany panels and archways are utilized to provide that intimate, social atmosphere that Charlie Palmer was looking for in their design. There are plenty of tables available, and even a lounge that allows guests to enjoy a cigar or two following their meal! The location is perfect and handy. Located at the stunning Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas, guests of the hotel can enjoy this great restaurant on their doorstep.

The menu is ever changing with the seasons, allowing only the best, freshest cuts of meat to be in at any time. The wide-ranging menu even includes a stunning Surf n Turf option during certain seasons. This traditional combination pairs up the juicy 8oz fillet mignon steak, perfectly grilled, with roasted lobsters to tantalize guest’s taste buds. Costs at Charlie Palmer can vary dependant on the time that you go. The budget menu can be found on Sundays, where “Sunday Suppers” provides a gorgeous 5 course family meal for $48.

Charlie Palmer Steak Restaurant is the perfect location to enjoy a great meal that will fill up even the largest of stomachs. The incredible cuts of meat are expertly grilled by very talented Chefs, creating dishes that are rated as some of the best in Las Vegas. The atmosphere inside is warm, friendly and inviting and the staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Prices can range dramatically, but if you are looking for value then Sunday Suppers is your best bet, where you can enjoy a great family meal accompanied by some live music performed by the in-restaurant pianist. If you enjoy large, juicy steaks cooked perfectly and enjoyed in a great atmosphere then Charlie Palmer Steak Restaurant is certainly for you.

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