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PostHeaderIcon Poker Rooms – The Flamingo Hilton, Las Vegas

flamingo-hotel-las-vegasAre you thinking Bugsy Siegel? Maybe you were thinking Clark Gable or Lana Turner? Or, Conrad Hilton? If you were, you’re way off base. When the Flamingo was sold to Harrah’s corporation at the beginning of this millennium all of that glitz and glamour went right out the window. What’s left is an ordinary, run-of-the-mill Strip venue that could be cleaner, could be classier, and could be better all around.

What didn’t change at the Flamingo along with the ownership is the Poker Room. It’s still cozy, still well-run, and still one of the friendliest poker rooms in town.

With about 10 or 12 tables, most of which are in operation daily, the room has an open bright look that is right off the Strip entrance and close to the deli. The room has a low railing that allows curious bystanders to look in and assess the action without having to sign up or make a commitment. This room has been around a lot longer than most of the poker rooms at neighboring Strip casinos and the dealers are long time employees. I have played there year after year for the past 10 or 12 years and the same dealers have thrown cards my way all that time. A new dealer stands out but seems to be welcomed by both the clientèle and the staff.

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PostHeaderIcon Harrah’s And The Imperial Palace – 2 Small Poker Rooms Worth Checking Out

Considering that the best poker area in Las Vegas has a little over 700 tables anxiously awaiting for their poker fans, there is no denial that you have a lot of variety and places to choose from. I don’t know about you, but I for one would love to actually play in a casino that I enjoy and that provides the best odds.

Unfortunately, most gamblers travelling to Las Vegas for a nice game of poker are forced to pick one of the following scenarios: either you play in a place you like and accept the poor odds or play poker in a bad location and actually make some cash. Well, it doesn’t have to be like this!

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PostHeaderIcon The Past And Present Of The Poker Game

If you are among the “old timers” of Las Vegas and you had the fortune to visit the capital of gambling back in the 70s, then you probably remember one of the main establishments of the Strip, the Circus Circus. This monumental tent playing to role of both hotel and casino that was opened to the public in ’68 was the favorite venue for family gamblers, because it also offered children’s entertainment in the arcade section as well as live circus performances. To put it simply, because parents didn’t want to feel too guilty or have their gambling activities interrupted by over-bored children, the solution presented by the pink striped Circus Circus was excellent. But you may be wondering what this establishment has to do with the history of poker.

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