The Major Attractions of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the sand city and also called the “World’s Entertainment Capital” has everything for everybody. From cheap, inexpensive hotel rooms to the expensive, indulgent and lavish shopping malls, Vegas has it all.

The Las Vegas Strip is the best attraction in Las Vegas. The Strip is known for its luxurious hotels and casinos. One of them is The Bellagio Hotel.

The Bellagio is the best place for entertainment shows worth every dollar spent. It also has the Bellagio Water Fountains presenting the best in water shows. Swirls and sways synchronized to background music ranging from classical to punk along with the most popular part, where the water shoots hundreds of feet into the air.

There is also the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. This Gallery has the most breathtaking private collections of paintings contributed by art museums from around the world. The major pieces to be seen here include those from Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Monet, Pierre-August Renoir, Roy Lichtenstein, Alberto Giacometti, Keith Haring, Pablo Picasso and the famous Faberge Eggs from Kremlin.

The Bellagio is also one of the best places in Las Vegas for lavish as well as budget stays.

The Las Vegas Strip is the most popular street in Las Vegas, as it has some of the biggest hotels and casinos. However, downtown Las Vegas also has a street as a rival to the Strip.

This street is known as Fremont Street. The street is only for pedestrians, which makes it completely different from the Strip.

Many people gather at the Freemont Street for live entertainment shows. There is also a video screen, which boasts more than 12 million lights with a sound system of five hundred thousand watts.

On the westernmost part of the Freemont Street is the Freemont Street Experience. The Experience is a pedestrian mall, which is the best place for bargainers, who can get great deals here.

Another popular attraction in Las Vegas not around the Strip is the Hoover Dam. In fact, the history of Las Vegas originated from Hoover Dam. Millions of visitors throng the Dam each year, as it is the highest dam made of cement concrete in Western Hemisphere.

However, apart from all the above-mentioned attractions, the most desired attraction in Las Vegas is its nightlife. Without doubt, the most sought after place for nightlife in Vegas is the Strip. The best clubs and pubs in Las Vegas are around the Strip. Each has its own unique theme and designs.

These pubs and clubs are open till late night up to the early morning hours. The most popular of them are TAO in The Venetian, XS at Encore, The Bank in the Bellagio, Pure in Caesar’s Palace, Rain in the Palms, Jet in the Mirage, Marquee in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Haze in the Aria and LAX in the Luxor.

Your budget will never be an issue if you are planning a visit to Las Vegas, as the city has something for every class of people. Just take some time for research and you will find the best deals to reach and stay in Las Vegas.

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