Holiday Inn Boardwalk  Hotel & Casino
Coney Island Themed Hotel
Located on the Las Vegas Strip,
Across from the MGM, next to the Monte Carlo.

Come stay and play at the Coney Island of Las Vegas. The famous Holiday Inn Boardwalk Hotel and Casino is located on the South End of the "Strip" where all the action occurs. Great location within walking distance to all the new major hotels such as New York-New York, MGM Grand and the Monte Carlo.
This hotel offers 654 rooms and suites, 3 restaurants, lounge/bar, great entertainment daily, and two swimming pools. holiday.gif (8153 bytes)And don't forget, it's the casino where you can have a chance to win BIG with Mini-Bacarrat and Pai Gow Poker. Keep in mind this hotel is not just any ordinary Holiday Inn, it is a fun, exciting Inn that offers almost everything.


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